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Thank you for your interest in PMI KC Metro. We are located in Blue Springs, Missouri about 20 miles east of Downtown Kansas City. Property Management Inc. has hundreds of locations across the country and we are proud to be a part of this amazing company. PMI KC Metro is excited to talk with you about how we can help you achieve your investment goals. We service the entire KC Metro on both sides of the state line. Our goal here at PMI KC Metro is to help you achieve your financial goals in real estate while protecting your investment properties and keeping everything running smoothly for you.

Picture of Dan Hilgedick
Dan Hilgedick President

Dan Hilgedick, the owner and operator has been in Property Management for several years and grew up taking care of Investment Properties to earn money for dirt bike gas. Dan has 14 years of experience as a carpenter and has been managing and maintaining all of his own properties for several years. Dan is the very proud father of 2 young boys that are planning to play for the Yankees one day. (Dad is hoping they choose the Royals instead.)

816-226-7034 dan@pmikcmetro.com
Picture of Leah Centillas
Leah Centillas Office Coordinator
816.200.0519 Office@pmikcmetro.com
Picture of Harvey Malla
Harvey Malla Executive Assistant
816.200.0519 Office@pmikcmetro.com