4 Facts to Know About Community Association Management in Blue Springs

4 Facts to Know About Community Association Management in Blue Springs

According to one report, about 74 million Americans belong to an HOA community. A community run by HOA management improves residents' quality of life and boosts home values. Community management also takes care of many daily tasks to improve the area.

HOA management collects dues, works with the HOA board, and enforces the bylaws. The team also acts as a point of contact for the HOA community.

Here are four facts about community association management in Blue Springs, MO.

1. Collects Dues

The U.S. Census found that the average HOA dues are around $170 monthly. Community association management's job is to collect the dues from members. Dues pay for road paving projects, pool maintenance, and landscaping services.

The HOA board sets the dues. Community association management collects the dues either by traditional check, bank withdrawal, or an online portal.

If people fail to pay their dues, the community manager sends a warning letter or levies a fine. There are cases where community management takes the homeowner to court.

2. Works With the HOA Board

A community manager sets up and attends HOA board meetings. Management relays any concerns about vendors, common areas, or violations on the property.

For example, if there are consistent problems, management and the HOA board work to find a solution.

The manager also gives a financial report. Sometimes, they encourage the HOA board to set up a reserve fund for emergencies and capital projects. Both sides also work together to determine whether to raise dues to control costs.

3. Enforces Bylaws

Each community has a set of bylaws for residents to follow. The HOA board develops the bylaws, and management enforces the rules and regulations. The board can also update or change the bylaws as needed.

Bylaws run the gambit from parking to pets. Bylaws can control the type of architectural detailing on a home or determine if homeowners can build a shed on their property.

The rules and regulations also govern noise complaints and large gatherings. Management will talk to those violating the bylaws, send a warning letter, or issue a fine or violation.

4. Acts as a Point of Contact

Community managers act as a point of contact for nearly every issue related to the community. For instance, when the power goes out or when a tree falls on a roadway, community managers get the call. If someone in the community wants to book the common area or learn about landscaping, managers work with the residents.

Regardless of the time of day, managers are on-duty. They also respond to complaints and get answers on behalf of everyone.

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Community association management leaders collect dues, work with the HOA board, and enforce the bylaws. Regardless of the issue, they also act as a point of contact for the residents.

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