4 Reasons Your Blue Springs, Missouri, Property Needs a Tenant Portal

4 Reasons Your Blue Springs, Missouri, Property Needs a Tenant Portal

About 94% of American households have a computer to use, and they use it for so many things! Did you know that both you and your tenants can use a computer to manage the rental property? That's right, with the help of a tenant portal, you can make life so much easier for both you and your tenants!

But how? What can a tenant portal really do for you and your tenants? Let's talk about it.

Read on to learn more so you can make an informed decision.

1. Easier Rent Payments

How are you currently collecting rent from your tenants? Unless you live either on the property or nearby, you may be dealing with complicated long-distance payments. This can result in money getting lost or the inability to access it right away.

Checks are falling out of fashion and many people don't want to pay in cash. You could take digital payments via payment apps, but if you have multiple tenants it can be hard to keep track of them.

Your rental property portal is a convenient place for tenants to pay rent. They can set reminders and even schedule payments ahead of time.

2. Better Communication

Do you struggle with tenant management and communication with your rental property? If so, you may benefit from a tenant portal.

The portal is a great way to keep most of your tenant communication in one place. Tenants can also text or email you or your property management team, but the portal keeps most of their important messages organized.

3. Easy Document Access

You and your tenants have to keep track of several documents regarding the property, including information about the lease and renter's insurance. It can be tough to keep track of physical documents, so if you or your tenants ever need to reference them, you may run into issues.

You can keep important documents in the tenant portal. You may even be able to have tenants digitally sign those documents. This makes things like lease negotiations and conflict resolution over lease terms way easier.

4. Seamless Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests are inevitable. As a landlord, you're responsible for providing a safe property that's in great condition for your tenants. That means that you have to keep up with maintenance.

Keeping up with maintenance requests, especially for multiple tenants, can be tough. A tenant portal makes it easy. You'll be able to keep all of your requests in one place and relay any information to your property management company with ease.

Set Up Your Tenant Portal Today

So what are you waiting for? It's time to set up a tenant portal to make life easier for both you and your tenants. From easier communication to effortless maintenance requests, it will make your life so much simpler.

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