Kansas City Museums Bring In Families

Kansas City Museums Bring In Families
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There are countless reasons for families to be attracted to living in the great city of Kansas City. From the aroma of some of the country’s best barbeque to the NFL Super Bowl Champion Chiefs, Kansas City has so much to offer as a community. But more specifically, families who look to live in Kansas City also like to know they have access to educational and family-friendly activities. And one such perk includes the many Kansas City museums, full of history, iconic pieces, and undiscovered treasures the whole family will love.

American Jazz Museum

Explore the flair and rich art of American jazz by visiting the American Jazz Museum. Honoring the Kansas City music scene and located in the Historic Jazz District, this museum features artifacts from some of the greatest legends, including Ella Fitzgerald and Charlie “Bird” Parker.

National Museum of Toys & Miniatures

Kids of all ages and interests love to see the Midwest’s most extensive collection of fine-scale miniatures and antique toys. Explore more than 70,000 of some of the coolest minis and classic playthings for a blast from the past. Guided tours are also available for a proper introduction to the history of play. This is a kid-favorited stop among the many Kansas City museums.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Celebrating baseball history in Kansas City, the iconic Kansas City Monarchs, and the Negro National League is this awe-inspiring museum. Having been declared a national museum by the U.S. Congress, this institution highlights the hard realities ballplayers of yesterday once faced. There are interactive displays, artifacts, and chronicled players, including John “Buck” O’Neil, Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige, and John Henry “Pop” Lloyd.

National Airline History Museum

The National Airline History Museum is a family favorite, and all you have to do is venture down to Hangar 9 at the History Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport to find it. Preserving aviation and representing Kansas City’s contribution to the industry, this museum highlights the “Golden Age of Aviation.” See aircraft, exhibits, and artifacts from modern marvels all the way back to the days of the Wright brothers.

College Basketball Experience (CBE)

Kansas City is also home to one of the coolest basketball experiences, the College Basketball Experience. Try out high-energy exhibits for a truly interactive day with the family. At the end of the heart-pumping tour, you can stop in to see the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame for a little quiet time to see some of the game’s greatest players’ stats and details.

National WWI Museum & Memorial

One of Kansas City’s greatest landmarks, and most popular attractions, is the National WWI Museum & Memorial. Congress officially recognizes this site as a National Museum, and this facility is a truly state-of-the-art commemoration. Here, those who served in the fierce war are honored with stunning architecture that rivals that of the ancient Egyptians. The experience is interactive, allowing visitors to walk through a life-size howitzer crater, see the artifacts, and witness the trenches. At the heart of this memorial is a 217-foot Liberty Memorial Tower, with an observation deck at its summit.

The Money Museum

Kansas City is home to the Federal Reserve Bank. And tucked inside this iconic building is The Money Museum. Bring the kids to experience the free, one-hour tour through the region’s largest vault. See a Truman Coin Collection and learn about the history of money at the various interactive exhibits. And there’s even a stop where visitors can design their very own digital currencies.

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