Unique Kansas City Property Management Challenges

Unique Kansas City Property Management Challenges
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You are passionate about your investment in Kansas City rental property. You work diligently to find the best renters and take the necessary steps to preserve your property’s condition. But oftentimes, you find yourself facing particular challenges and occasional setbacks. Finding ways to avoid common Kansas City-based pitfalls in property management as well as finding solutions to common problems can be tough. But there are solutions and best practices to help you streamline your management efforts.

Staffing Challenges in Kansas City

If you don’t have the available time to manage your renters and properties yourself, you may try to hire someone to be the face of your investment. Finding the right staff is a challenge nearly every property owner faces. But when it comes to managing your Kansas City rental property, hiring local individuals with your vision for top-notch customer service can be problematic. One survey suggests that 49% of rental property owners say finding and retaining staff is their number one challenge. But locally, it can be challenging to find candidates with relevant property management or customer service-related experience. It can also be confusing to know where to post your job opening for the best results. Sorting through resumes and spending time conducting unproductive interviews is especially frustrating. Your personal and even professional reputation is on the line, and you worry about making the wrong hire that ends up being detrimental to your business.

Building, Growing & Developing the Investment

Whether you own one Kansas City rental property or a robust portfolio of many properties, you recognize the key to improving the return on your investment lies in your ability to grow your business. To do this, owners will look for opportunities to improve the property’s appearance and value. Others will seek out additional properties to purchase, that bring value to the overall investment. However, in both cases, it can be challenging to know what property enhancements will add value. There are countless reputable contractors in the Kansas City area, but it can be hard to find the best partners.

Not Enough Time & Resources to Keep Up Effectively

One of the biggest concerns Kansas City rental property owners face is time management. Managing renters, collecting rent, updating property conditions, posting vacancies, and preserving the investment takes up more time than owners would prefer. Add in unexpected maintenance costs, damages, or unreliable tenants, and you may be faced with more setbacks. You may have developed a system that worked initially, but as you continue to grow, you recognize it’s time for an upgrade in software or processes. In one study, 89% of property owners said their digital management tools weren’t keeping up with their needs.

One Solution to Every Kansas City Rental Property Owner’s Problems

Other common pitfalls include negative cash flow operations, poor tenants, low occupancy rates, and navigating local Kansas City guidelines and laws. It’s a daunting responsibility to manage each task efficiently and continue to see returns on your rental property investment. But there is one solution that can help address each of these challenges. Consider partnering with us! As a rental property management company in Kansas City, our professionals are experts at each level of operation. From property maintenance and customer service, to portfolio growth, we can help alleviate the stresses of the tasks.

If you find yourself juggling any or all of these rental property challenges, contact us! We can work with you to explore and develop a plan that makes sense for your Kansas City investment and ensure you’re on point to reach your financial goals. Improve the returns and leave the challenges to our team of professionals. We may just be the backyard solution right here in Kansas City, that can help you realize your investment potential.