Creative Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques for Commercial Properties

Creative Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques for Commercial Properties

As of 2018, there were 5.9 million commercial buildings in the U.S. There are a lot of options out there for tenants, so it can sometimes be difficult to fill vacancies.

If you want to attract tenants to your commercial properties, get a little creative with property marketing and advertising. Thinking outside of the box and using a variety of marketing strategies will help you fill a vacancy more quickly.

Be sure to use the creative property marketing and advertising techniques listed below in Blue Springs, MO.

Create Promotions

Although offering promotions and freebies isn't as common in commercial real estate as in other industries, it can be incredibly helpful. Consider offering a month or two of reduced rent or other promotions when someone signs on to rent from you.

Even small promotions and discounts can build word of mouth and help your commercial property get more attention from potential tenants.

Master Social Media

Ensure that you're using social media if you want to find tenants for your commercial property. You should be posting on social media regularly and forming relationships with the people who follow your accounts.

Building a brand on social media and interacting regularly can help you build a lot of awareness. Don't neglect this aspect of your marketing plan if you want to make property management easier on yourself.

Attract Attention With Video

Video and other types of content are very useful today, so make sure that you're using it to your advantage. Creating videos and sharing them on your commercial property listings can help your listing gain a lot more attention.

Adding aerial drone footage or virtual tours to your listing can also be useful if you want your commercial building to get even more interest online.

Use Content Marketing

Although it's growing in popularity these days, content marketing is a useful strategy that not all commercial landlords use. Consider creating educational and informative content that speaks to your ideal tenants. This can attract them to your website and help them learn more about your property.

Consider creating blog posts and regularly adding them to your site. This allows you to warm up potential tenants and attract them to you instead of running ads and using outbound marketing techniques.

Hire a Property Manager

Property managers can do more than just manage leases and take care of a property once a tenant is in place. They can also help market your property and screen tenants who show an interest in your rental.

Hiring a third party to handle your search for commercial tenants can be well worth it and will take a weight off of your shoulders.

Finding Tenants With Property Marketing and Advertising

If you're trying to find commercial tenants, using the right property marketing and advertising techniques can be worth it. Consider offering promotions, posting on social media, and making use of video and blog content when trying to fill vacancies.

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